Thursday, October 22, 2015

MCM London weekend, everyone!!

MCM London weekend, everyone!! I and Inko are at table CC7, Comic Village and waiting for you.
In addition to the usual postcards and prints, there is a new mini book, Alphabet Boys 2 on sale and a free introduction paper for my new YAOI web manga to grab...! I also take the sketch commissions as usual! Manga portrait, yaoi, chibi and even Halloween themed sketches are welcome!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hyper Japan 2015

Hi! Sorry for not posting for very long time...!
I and Inko will be at HYPER JAPAN at O2 in North Greenwich from tomorrow till Sunday! Our booth is W09 at the Hyper Fringe Market area (check out the map!). Please pop in for some nice postcards, mini books, and A4 prints. Also, we'll take commission sketch requests such as manga portrait and character drawings. Chibi and yaoi style requests are also very welcome!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Japan Expo Paris 2014 is coming!!

From tomorrow till Sunday, there is an annual big event in Paris... Japan Expo!!!
I am teaming up again with my precious and talented friends Inko and Deadly Kawaii and be there (please refer the map attached to see whereabout)!!
Actually I will miss the first day (gotta see Monty Python live...!!), but will be there from Thursday afternoon till the end.
I will sell some postcards & prints, some new and some old, the tiny Alphabet Boys book and also take sketch commissions. So please pop in if you are happen to be there (・`ω´・)

If you cannot come to Paris, please do not worry. I and Inko will be back at Hyper Japan, London on 25 to 27th of July (*´∀`)人(´∀`*).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet Becky...

Last week at Channel 4, I met Becky, who's dream is going to Japan. I helped her to complete her first manga story. Please have a look the link and see her wonderful first manga about her life.

A 14-Year-Old Girl Drew A Superb Manga Cartoon About Using A Food Bank

There are also some other articles about her and her manga (and sometimes my name is mentioned!)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October and November!

This weekend is the MCM weekend!! I will be at CD12 at Comic Village with my fellow manga artist Inko! Unfortunately, there might not be many new things on my table (have been very busy...), but still I will take sketch commissions or you're welcome to pop in to say hi! 

Also, on Saturday and Sunday, I will offer manga workshop at Letraset booth. There are many different manga workshops going on at Letraset booth at MCM this weekend, so come to check the programme.
All the classes are on a first come first served basis!

And right after the MCM, there is Anime Attacks at Gateshead.
I will have a table and offer two sessions of manga workshop.
So please come!

Monday, April 22, 2013

May Schedule

Long time no news from me, sorry!
I've been doing this and that, and keep myself busy.

Well, here's my latest schedule for next month...

May 4th and 5th: Japanorama at National Space Centre, Leicester
May 15th: Laydeez do comics at Brighton Festival, 9-10.30pm
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre Bar
May 18th: Comica Manga Asia at Asia House, London
May 24th to 26th: London MCM Expo

And Japan Expo in Paris 4th to 7th of July is confirmed!

If you can't make any of it, don't worry, you can check my two tumber pages for my latest doodles, comics and illustrations.

Secret Sweet Syrup : still in preparation but if you like yaoi, please check it out!
Doodle Dee & Doodle Dum : my (almost) daily doodle of boys, some original some fan art.

Hope to see you somewhere soon...!