Monday, February 14, 2011

Chie's recent activities!

Hi all!

I haven't done any greeting for the new year, how rude I am...!

I've been quite busy doing this and that...(つд⊂) sob sob

Here's some news about workshops and talk I'm attending this month.

The first one is this! See the poster? It's a set of manga workshops at Croydon. On 19th, I run one and on 26th, my friend Inko will run another one.

So if you are from this area, please join us. It's free but you have to book a place in advance. See the bottom of the poster for the contact.

Also, I'll be in Glasgow on the afternoon of 24th Feb to attend the wonderful Glasgow Film Festival. I'll join with Paul Gravett and talk about manga. To see the detail, please have a look their website.


  1. aaaw to bad i'm over 17 and not in the right location.... DX

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  3. I wish you luck and have fun in Glasgow.

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  4. I would love to join. Thanks for the invite. Are you home already? shopping tips

  5. Very interesting to join... Is there any registration fee or for free??, I love to learn new things and I think this is my new learnings..

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