Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 As most of you know, Japan, my home country is seriously damaged.

I had been panicked and cried for a couple of weeks even though my relatives and friends in Japan are ok. It was simply a greatest shock I've ever experienced and I  just felt so helpless.

However, sobbing time has finished. I've decided to do what I can do in UK to support Japan.

Now, I'm involving with some Japan related charity events and projects.

Firstly, ART BLOSSOM JAPAN, which is organized by some of my best friends, Juan-Carlos Cambón (Nipponaisuki), Zarina Liew(Cobalt Cafe) and co.

"The ART BLOSSOM JAPAN project was set up to help raise relief funds and send a message of support to the Japanese people. The project’s aim is to unite and gain support from Manga/ Comic artists and Illustrators and communities from all parts of the world. A project created by artists, for artists, to come together and offer their skills and their blossoming creations in what they love to do in order to help others in need."

The website is coming soon! Meanwhile if you have any enquiries, email to:

Secondly, 「日本頑張れ」 You can submit your own work which contain message to support Japan to this site and later selected submission will be included for an exhibition!

And then, there is a big Heart Japan J-Pop / Anime Fundraiser party on 20th of April at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London. Their website should be launched soon, but you can check it out at their FB page.

At this Heart Japan Party and Helping Hands For Japan events at Oxford area, I am going to do manga portrait. And of course a part of the sale is going to be donated through each events.

Also, I designed a special postcard for fundraising, well the image you can see in this post is the one. I am going to sell this at all the events I attend from now on and all the sale from this card is going to be donated to appropriate charity organizations (most probably Red Cross, but I change to where I donate according to the situation, so I'll keep inform you about it here).

So, if you see this postcard, please buy it! It's £1.00 each and you'll help Japan! I'm planning to add some more designs, so please check this blog out!

My next public appearance will be Japanese Cultural Experience, Marlborough School, Woodstock, Saturday & Sunday, April 9th & 10th. Check their website for the detail.  Hope to see you there!

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