Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where I'll be in June

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying early summer (well, it's a bit too cold to enjoy it in London now... But anyway)!
Did you go to MCM Expo? For whom who pop in my table, thank for coming! I hope you enjoyed the event.
Hey, can you guess who pop in? It was Ms.Beckii Cruel! I was honoured to draw her and her friend's portrait!! Beckii with my drawing

Anyway, it is already June and let me tell you where I'll be this month. I'll be quite around! Fun!

Saturday 11th June: On The Road: International Cartoonists in London 4pm – 6pm @Orbita Comics, London

Saturday 18th and 19th June: Nemacon @ Middlesbrough

Saturday 25th and 26th June: the Asahi Anime Festival @ Brighton

Thursday 30th June to 3rd July: Japan Expo @ Paris, France

I'll talk draw and bring some new work all through this June.
Hope to you see out there!

P.S the image is from my sketchbook. He's an early stage design of one of my original characters...

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