Monday, April 22, 2013

May Schedule

Long time no news from me, sorry!
I've been doing this and that, and keep myself busy.

Well, here's my latest schedule for next month...

May 4th and 5th: Japanorama at National Space Centre, Leicester
May 15th: Laydeez do comics at Brighton Festival, 9-10.30pm
Brighton Dome Studio Theatre Bar
May 18th: Comica Manga Asia at Asia House, London
May 24th to 26th: London MCM Expo

And Japan Expo in Paris 4th to 7th of July is confirmed!

If you can't make any of it, don't worry, you can check my two tumber pages for my latest doodles, comics and illustrations.

Secret Sweet Syrup : still in preparation but if you like yaoi, please check it out!
Doodle Dee & Doodle Dum : my (almost) daily doodle of boys, some original some fan art.

Hope to see you somewhere soon...!

1 comment:

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