Wednesday, October 27, 2010

London MCM Expo this weekend!

Are you coming to London MCM Expo this weekend?

If you come you can get my new manga book Hagakure for the first time in UK! This book is already out in Japan but officially out here in UK in approximately in two weeks time.This time, the publisher gave me a special permission to sell it in advance. So if you get one at the Expo you'll be the first one to have it in UK and also the copies I'll bring with me are Japanese version (no worries, all the texts are in English) so there is something special about it.

Also, you might be able to peek me & Inko's new project, called Go Go Metro!!

Of course you can have your manga portrait done by us and/or pick up some postcards and greeting cards as well.

Other thing is, if you haven't got As You Like It, please come to SelfMadeHero booth at 13:00 (Sat) or 13:30 (Sun), then you can get a signed copy from me~!

(The image: this is what happening on my desk top at the moment)

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