Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Re-post from my ex-blog: How to draw chibi

Well, today I just thought I should post How to draw a Chibi because a lot of people seem to desperate to know how!

Let's start!

Ok, please look at the cat boy left hand side. This is today's model, my avatar from TinierMe which hasn't have his name yet. This is his drawing in "ordinary manga style".

Now look this one. The character left is the same one in the first image (well, dressed differently). But this time he is done in Chibi style.

Chibi style is actually quite difficult to achieve because of its simplicity. In drawing, "simple' doesn't mean easy...!
Now, the first key to a successful chibi drawing is the BALANCE! Do not just squish your character, be careful with the balance (refer the following rough instruction)

Let's say, the best balance of a head and a body is 1:6 or 7 in the normal manga style, for Chibi style, it should be 1(head):1 or 1.5(body).
Also, use rounder shapes and lines and forget about the facial details but concentrate the character's facial expression.
Remember, when you are using Chibi character (especially in Japanese manga), they are used for being cute and funny. Cuteness is very very important!!

Have a nice Chibi drawing time!


  1. I am glad you posted this again in your new blog. I was a fan of your old blog. I am truly learning now on how to draw manga.

  2. I must say there are cute even they are not yet done. I want to try myself how to draw a chibi this marriage